beach netball

what is beach netball?

Welcome to Australian Beach Netball – where it’s netball, but with a twist of basketball, volleyball, and football thrown into the mix. Forget about thirds; here, players can go long every chance they get. It’s not just a game; Beach Netball is all about sun, sand, and some seriously good vibes! Each team is limited to a maximum of five players on the court at any one time, with up to three substitute players. So, bring your friends and enjoy the atmosphere.

There’s no thirds, so players can go long at every opportunity.

Beach Netball is all about fun with friends.

Team Selection
  1. Lead from the front, get your captain sorted.
  2. Select from between 5 and 8 players, everyone can score in Beach Netball so ensure your team selection is full of all rounders.
  3. Pick your team name, make it great.
  4. Register your team, get that locked down.
  5. Get socially excited for Beach Netball and tell everyone you know, all support crews are welcome
  6. Start practising your long bombs and three pointers
  7. Organise your team uniforms.


Team Outfits
Look good, play better! Team uniforms should represent your teams personality. The brighter the better! There’s no shoes allowed on the court, but socks, soft peak hats, sun visors, and sunglasses are ok.

  • All players within the team must wear the same uniform.
  • Players may wear shorts, tights, netball dresses, socks, sun visors or soft peak hats and sunglasses
  • No jewellery, watches, necklaces or any other personal item may be worn that may cause harm to yourself or another player
  • Shoes are NOT to be worn
  • Teams will not be required to wear bibs
Team Captains must report to the Registration Tent no later than 30 minutes prior the first match (approx 8:30am) and collect the day’s fixtures.
Presentation & Prizes
Medals will be awarded to each team member down to the 3rd place for Adult Mixed (15+), Junior Mixed (12-14yrs) and Mini Mixed (9-11) . Note: If we combine Junior and Mini – it will be awarded to 1st 2nd and 3rd within the combined pool.
beach netball
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