Once all teams have entered, a draw will be completed and emailed to the Team Captain the week before the event. Entries close one week prior to the event.

The event will be a Round Robin format. Each team will play each other in the first draw, with the top half of the competition playing off in elimination for the Gold Division and the bottom half in the elimination for the Silver Division playoffs. (eg 1 v 4, 2 v 3) with the winners going through to the Gold Medal Match and the losers to the Bronze Match.

Referees and Staff will organise score sheets and match balls and the timing of the games.

On The Sand
  1. 5 – 8 Players per Team (5 players on the sand at any one time)
  2. Mixed Teams can have a maximum of two males on the court at any one time, only one male can be in the goal square at any one time.  Mixed and Female teams play together.
  3. Ages: Junior (9-14), Adult (15+)

  4. Everyone’s a shooter!
  5. Games run for 10 minutes (2 x 5 min halves) with approximately 8-10 games per team.
  6. A coin will be tossed to see who starts the game, the opposite team will start the second half.
  7. Once each goal is scored, a throw-in will take place from the goal line by a member of the opposite team.
  8. The ball must cross the transverse line before the team can take a shot for goal.

The home team starts with the ball behind the transverse line. There are 5 players on the sand from each team, with two allowed in the goal square. There are no set positions or thirds, so players can move around as they like, and pass the ball as far as they can. You can diving on the ball and players can pass from the sand, or stand before passing the ball.

Each team has to cross the traverse line, before they become eligible to score. Anyone can score, so pass the ball as often as you like, and shoot from anywhere you think you can make the shot.

Once a team scores a goal the opposing team starts with the ball behind the end goal line. They need to take the ball down the court and across the traverse line before they can attempt to score. This also applies to an intercept, as you can only score once you have crossed the traverse line and gained possession of the court.

Beach Netball consists of two x 5 minute halves, with a break in between. Play will not stop during the halves, and subs can be made at any time.


  1. A goal can be shot from within the Goal Zone for 1 point.
  2. If a goal is shot from the area between the traverse line and the outside of the goal zone (known as the 3 pointer zone), 3 points will be awarded.
  3. All players will be able to shoot for goals, but only two players from the one team can be in the goal ring at the same time.
  4. Umpires will indicate a 1 point goal by raising one hand and will indicate a 3 point goal by raising two hands.

Diving and Dropped Ball

  1. A player may dive on the sand to catch a ball on the full or claim possession of a ball on the sand (from either their own or opposing team) and then either play the ball from the ground or stand up and play the ball. Stepping will not be called in this instance.
  2. Players catching the ball face down on the ground will be allowed to roll onto their backs to pass the ball.
  3. The 3-second rule applies to both of the above.


When possession of the ball is turned over, the team in possession need to play the ball back over the transverse line.

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